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Turbine Jacking Equipment

Lower Matagami Stator Jacking Towers - Shown with 400,000lb Stator

About the Project:

Andritz Hydro was commissioned by Ontario Power Generation to provide several new hydro turbines for the Lower Matagami and Lower Notch powerstation projects. As part of their scope they needed to provide a means of maintaining and/or replacing the massive 400,000 lb turbine stators. Andritz turned to MEDATECH to design and build the stator jacking cylinder as a custom lifting device solution.

MEDATECH built the first of two stator jacking units in 2013 and delivered the second unit in early 2015. These systems are purpose built and designed to lift stator housings weighing in excess of 400,000 lbs. The control system had to provide consistant and level lift at a very low flow rate.




  • Design and Build of a custom lifting device for a 400,000 lb stator.
  • Extreame lift requires significant thought in to the controlled lift and decent of the load so that it remained level at all times.
  • Towers need to be designed for possible earthquakes and other dynamic loading scenarios.
  • A specially designed jacking tower was provided with custom cylinders. Four of these towers were used in conjunction with a specially designed and fit for purpose control system and panel to lift the massive 400,000 lb stators safety.
  • The hydraulic power unit was designed to provide very low flows to the four lift cylinders and has built in controls to monitor level and speed. The control of the lift must be extremely smooth and consistent between the 4 lifting towers.
  • The system was designed for safety with intricate safety interlocks designed specifically for this application.
  • Custom towers for massive 400,000 lb lift with extreamly precise level control.
  • Controls and Hydraulics designed, built, certified and tested at MEDATECH facility.
  • Designed and Certified by Professional engineers in the province of Ontario.
Hydraulic Power Pack
Control Panel
Jacking Tower

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