Li-Ion NMC, LTO & NANO Battery

Li-ion Battery Pack (90kWh) for Mining Application
Li-Ion NANO Installed on Mining Application
90kW Modular Battery Box
90kW Modular Battery Box
30kW Li-Ion NMC Battery Tray

  • High energy and performance density
  • Easy system connectivity / ready-to-install (aligned connection points, standardized CAN bus, optional VDA/SAE cooling connections) 
  • Excellent price-performance ratio as a result of the development for serial production Liquid cooling for even temperature distribution
  • Compact and lightweight solution, signi?cant volume reduction due to liquid cooling 
  • Long service life due to active and passive thermal management 
  • Exceptionally robust, maintenance-free operation

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High Energy NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt)

  • High energy density (~ 260Wh/kg): Up to 2.8MWh of batteries can be stored in a 40ft container  More than 96% of high efficiency at 0.5C 
  • Competitive Price: The NMC cells have a comparative advantage in terms of price,  considering it’s superior performance, reliability and safety features.  

High Power NMC

  • High C-rate up to 50C-rate level
  • High C-rate discharge performance for uses in frequency regulation, UPS, etc.  Improved performance without safety or cycle life trade off

Ultra High Power NMC

  • Improved performance with 4C charge
  • Improved high power cycle life up to 10,000 cycles  
  • Decreased 50% of internal resistance  against standard NMC
  • Special coating applied to cathode to improve high power performance

Lithium titanate (LTO)

  • Wide Range of Operation: -30 ~ 60degC.
  • High specific power: 4C-rate continuous and 8 C-rate peak charge & discharge operation
  • High round trip efficiency (RTE): >95%. 
  • Long cycle life: 20,000 cycles @ 80% DoD, 1C charge & discharge operating conditions.
  • Extremely Safe:  A thermal runaway event is significantly less likely to occur in LTO cells.  LTO cells can also be re-operated after an event of an over-discharge, unlike conventional  graphite based Li-Ion cells. This feature enables the user to operate the battery cells under    extreme environmental and operational conditions. 
  • The advantages of the LTO cells: Originates from  the Anode side of the battery cell.  Whereas the Anode side of ordinary Li-Ion cells are made up of Graphite, the Anode side   of the  LTO cell is composed of LTO.


  • Specially designed for defense & aerospace application 
  • This hybrid type cell has incorporated the advantages of NMC, LFP and LTO cells in one cell. It is suitable for extremely volatile and dynamic operational conditions. The high power, energy and safety features allow the NANO cells to be flexibly applied in various applications.