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Centaur ITH Drill Rig



Centaur ITH Drill Rig

About the Project:

The Centaur project was a new product development design, build & test contract for Cubex Limited in Winnipeg Manitoba. Cubex is a world leader in production of “In The Hole” drilling technology.

MEDATech was commissioned to design, build and test a new carrier that would allow the operator to drill from an enclosed cab environment. The underground mining market for production drilling worldwide was beginning to demand better environmental control for the operators than previous Cubex machines provided.

MEDATech’s scope of work included the entire design of the carrier including the mast positioning and support structure, all carrier hydraulics including the steering and braking systemsand all electronic control systems conforming to applicable ISO standards.

Particular attention was paid to stability and weight of the machine. Advanced stress analysis techniques were used to calculate theoretical stresses of all major load bearing weldments. Once the machine was assembled, strain measuring testing was conducted to confirm computed stress results. By using this method of approach, design optimization was confirmed at the prototype level. The machine shown here is currently in operation at the New Crest’s Cadia Mine in New South Wales.


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